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Free Bets for Epsom Races

As well as the greatest flat race in the world of horse racing in the form of The Epsom Derby, Epsom Downs Racecourse also offers four other thrilling flat race meetings at its home in Surrey, which take place between April and the end of September every year.

Epsom’s five Summer meetings offer a total of 34 brilliant races, all of which provide an excellent opportunity to get involved with some horse race betting.

In The UK and Ireland, horse racing is worth billions of pounds in revenue to bookies and betting sites and you can bet a large portion of that revenue comes as a result of meetings hosted by Epsom Downs Racecourse.

Of those billions of pounds, hundreds of millions are returned to the pockets of the smarter bettors who make the most of betting site promotions all year round and either do their research or consult betting tipsters for the most likely outcomes of each race.

Of these promotions, the most valuable offers in circulation are usually free bets, which can be attained in a number of ways, then used instead of cash to place bets on your favourite horses.

We make it our primary goal to not only provide well researched, intelligent horse racing betting tips for Epsom races, but also locate all the biggest and best free bets from around the web and present them all for you in one easy-to-access place on our site.

How To Claim A Free Bet On Epsom Races

Claiming a free bet to use on Epsom races is very simple. The most common way to redeem a free bet is to follow the terms and conditions of a sign-up offer on a betting site you do not yet have an account with.

Other free bet types include loyalty rewards after betting a certain amount within a set period of time, as well as promotions that encourage betting on specific markets and reward you with, for example, a matched free bet.

What Is A Free Bet?

A free bet is a set value stake that can be used to bet on horse racing (or any other sport) with no real financial risk attached. Like a voucher in a supermarket – you get the product in exchange for the coupon instead of actual cash.

There will always be terms and conditions attached to free bets which advise on minimum stakes, minimum odds and specific markets etc, so if you have a free bet, make sure you check the terms before you place a bet to avoid disqualifying yourself from the promotion.

Bookie Promo Codes For Epsom Races

Epsom Downs races are an absolute gold mine when it comes to promo codes that are made available by bookies that are trying to entice customers to their site, old and new.

Competition between online betting sites is as fierce as ever when events like The Epsom Derby come around, so bookies have to offer the most generous promo codes for any chance of making money out of such as occasion.

Sign Up Bonuses For Epsom Races

Online bookmakers offer sign-up bonuses in an attempt to rake in new customers for major horse racing events like The Epsom Derby Festival, and these are some of the most generous offers and biggest free bets that you will ever find.

So, keep track of the sites you have and haven’t signed up to because the ones that you’re not yet registered with are the ones you can make the most profits from going forward.

Make sure you follow all the terms and conditions of sign-up bonuses for Epsom races, as failing to input a promo code on registration, failing to deposit a minimum amount, or failing to place your qualification stake on the set minimum odds can result in disqualification from the promotion and a potentially big missed opportunity.

Other Free Bet Types

There are many types of free bets that you will come across as you explore the wonderful world of horse racing betting, as online betting sites get more creative with how you can earn and spend free bets.

Loyalty free bets are another big favourite, which grant you free bets for every time you bet a certain amount of money or for every week you remain a loyal customer with that particular betting site.

For example, you could see “bet £25 and get a £5 free bet every week”, or you could see “get a £10 free bet every time you bet £100”. These free bets will usually be rewarded regardless of the results of your bets.

Other Promotion Types

There are plenty of promotion types out there that can be extremely valuable to you as well as just free bets, especially when it comes to horse racing.

Other offers you’ll come across are:

  • Boosted odds – usually offer higher returns on accumulators or race favourites
  • Paid extra places – can see you take a return on your each-way bet up to as high as 8 places and beyond
  • Cashback – often on losses. Either your stake back as cash if your horse places or a percentage of your losses back each week

Best Epsom Horse Racing Betting Sites

As you scour the internet for sites to place your bets on horse racing meetings such as the Epsom Derby Festival, you’ll notice the majority of bookmakers offer a large quantity of horse racing markets.

When The Derby comes around, sure enough, you’ll find an entire section dedicated to the brilliant races of this incredible festival.

The intensely competitive nature of the plethora of online betting sites drives the quality of their services as well as the generosity of their promotions. Odds will be great across the board, promotions will be generous and customer service will be friendly, so it all comes down to preference when you’re looking for the ‘best’ Epsom horse racing betting sites.

What Makes A ‘Best’ Betting Site For Epsom Races?

Your ‘best’ betting site for Epsom races will be the site that meets your individual requirements better than any other. For example, the betting site you think is the easiest to navigate, or doesn’t overcomplicate markets, or offer the fastest customer service.

We recommend trying out a variety of betting sites, as finding your ‘home’ for Epsom horse racing betting can genuinely have an impact on your gambling performance. If you’re not enjoying yourself you may place some dodgy bets to try to lift your mood.

We’ll make sure all the biggest and best free bets and all the latest sign-up offers for new betting sites are easily accessible for you right here on our site, so you can find your best betting site for Epsom races in no time.